Make Bar-Quality Cocktails or Mocktails at Home

Wicked Bess shrubs are all natural mixes of fruit vinegar and sugar that allow you to experience the simplicity of crafting complex, balanced bar-quality drinks in the comfort of your home.


Mix drinks like a master mixologist

Just because you don't have the time to make cocktails or mocktails from scratch doesn't mean you can't enjoy or serve one's that taste like you did


Discover the Wicked Bess difference and transform your home bar

We understand that your time is precious, and so is your palate. Originally created to save time in a busy bar while still crafting something with depth and complexity, our shrubs are the perfect solution for your at home drink dilemmas. Wicked Bess shrubs are more than just a mixer; they are a carefully blended mix of ripened fruit, select vinegars and pure cane sugar. A gateway to effortlessly sophisticated and well-balanced drinks, whether they’re spirited cocktails or elegant mocktails.

With every bottle of Wicked Bess
Shrubs you get

All-Natural Goodness

Enjoy peace of mind with ingredients that are both all natural and free from artificial preservatives.

A Long Shelf Life

Even without preservatives. The vinegar helps to make them naturally shelf-stable, ensuring you always have a premium mixer on hand that tastes fresh.

Complex, Balanced Drinks

Achieve that sought-after balance with the complexity of unique, layered flavors that bring variety to your glass.

Mocktails everyone can enjoy

Offer sophisticated non-alcoholic options that don't compromise on taste, ensuring everyone at your party feels included.

Time-Saving Elegance

Say goodbye to long prep times. Our shrubs enable you to whip up exceptional drinks in seconds without having to make a bunch of fancy syrups or infusions.


Each shrub pairs perfectly with a wide variety of spirits or stands alone beautifully in a mocktail.

The Wicked Bess Solution

perfectly balanced

1oz shrub + 2oz spirit + 2oz soda water

delicious refreshing

1oz shrub + 4oz soda water

Our Process

3 step plan


Order shrubs (choose your size flavors and or bundles) 

Take our quiz Find the perfect flavor for your palate.


They arrive within
1 week


You begin transforming
the way you drink at home

Delivered right to your door

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what our customers are saying

Perfect for dry January! Made all kinds of mocktails with these super delicious and fresh tasting, yum. The ginger is good for your tummy!

Veena Singla

I got to sample these shrubs at my local farmers market and bought two right away as they are so delicious! I feel like im drinking a craft cocktail but in my own living room

Ryan Birch

We’ve bought shrubs from wicked bess a number of times. Really nice products, diverse flavors options. Fast free delivery if you’re local to Boston, too. Orders are well packaged. Really nice to have a good and easy to use option for a cocktail or mocktail. Would definitely buy again (and again)

Will D

Tastes great and feels good to know hat it’s hand prepped with their batch number and dates on each bottle

Kelly Meng

I love these shrubs. Great for making a really nice drink at home. Also great to enjoy with just seltzer if you’re not drinking. They make a great local gift too

Christina Richards

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