Classic Cocktails reimagined: The Margarita

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Classic Cocktails reimagined: The Margarita

There's something utterly timeless about classic cocktails. They're tried, true, and tested, earning their iconic status over decades. But what if we gave these classics a modern twist? Enter: Wicked Bess Shrubs. As a bartender for over 10 years, I've had the pleasure of mixing countless drinks, and today, I'll guide you through one of the most beloved cocktails—the Margarita— and then reimagined with the zest of our Pear Lime Ginger Shrub.

**The Classic Margarita:** 

Ah, the Margarita. A symphony of tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau, served in a glass with a salted rim. Its origins may be debated, but its status as a crowd-pleaser is undeniable. With its zesty citrus burst and the warmth of tequila, it’s a drink that can transport you to sunnier times with just a sip.


– 2 oz Tequila

– 1 oz Cointreau

– 1 oz Fresh lime juice

– Salt for the rim


1. Take a chilled glass and rub the rim with a lime slice. Dip it in salt to coat the rim.

2. In a shaker, combine tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice. Add ice.

3. Shake until well-chilled.

4. Strain into your prepared glass.

5. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Simple, refreshing, and classic. But now, let’s take it up a notch.

**The Wicked Bess Margarita Twist:** 

Our Pear Lime Ginger Shrub introduces a fresh and spicy profile, marrying the sweetness of pear, the tanginess of lime, and the kick of ginger. This combination transforms the Margarita into something entirely new yet comfortably familiar.

**Method # 1 the Wicked Bess way


– 2 oz Tequila

– 1 oz Wicked Bess Pear Lime Ginger Shrub

– Salt for the rim

-lime wedge

1. Take a chilled glass and rub the rim with a lime slice. Dip it in salt to coat the rim.

2. In this glass, combine the tequila and shrub over ice.

3.Add 1-2oz of soda water or water and then stir for 30 secs. The idea is to thoroughly combine the ingredients, make them cold, and allow for some dilution to take effect.

4. Optional – squeeze ¼ of a fresh lime into the drink.

5. Garnish with a thin pear slice

The result? A drink that pays homage to the traditional Margarita while dancing to its own modern beat. The pear adds depth and sweetness, the ginger gives a warm spicy note, and the lime ensures it retains that Margarita character we all adore.

So, there you have it, cocktail enthusiasts: a classic reimagined. I encourage all of you, especially our sophisticated Wicked Bess family, to experiment, explore, and elevate your mixology game with our shrubs. Here’s to the classics and the exciting twists that keep our palates enchanted.

Cheers to new traditions!

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