Aperol Spritz – The Perfect Aperitif

Perfect Aperol Spitz Recipe

Whether you need an ideal cocktail to kick start your evening dinner party, or you’ve got the summer feels and fancy a refreshing drink in your backyard; light and invigorating, with a distinctive bittersweet flavor, Aperol Spritz is the perfect aperitif. So let’s learn how to make this refreshing Italian cocktail! 

Interesting Facts About Aperol Spritz

Did you know?
An Aperol Spritz is often mistaken for a digestif, which are drinks designed to help digestion and so are typically enjoyed after a meal or dinner party.
Aperitivos, a class of Italian liqueurs that includes Aperol, are intended to be consumed before a meal. Therefore, they serve as a palate cleanser and tend to stimulate your appetite. Compared to other popular alcoholic cocktails, Aperol Spritz has a relatively low alcoholic content, so you’re unlikely to suffer from a hangover with this cocktail. With that being said, please drink responsibly.

Perfect Aperol Spitz Recipe

Aperol Spritz Recipe(s) – Classic + Wicked

Here’s a classic version of an Aperol Spritz recipe you can conjure up at home for all your loved ones! Just make sure you’ve got enough ice and orange slices and you’re good to go!


Add 2oz Aperol to a wine glass with ice

Add 2oz Prosecco

Add 2oz soda water



Mix all the ingredients together

Pour into a chilled large wine glass (ice optional)

Garnish with a slice of fresh orange 


Now for those who like a twist on a cocktail classic, you can crank it up a notch with this wicked Aperol spritz version:


Add 1oz Aperol

Add 1oz blackberry orange mango ginger shrub

Add 2oz Prosecco

Add 2oz soda water



Mix all the above ingredients together

Pour into a large wine glass over ice

Garnish with a fresh slice of orange or lemon

Shrub It Up With Wicked Bess 

The blackberry orange mango ginger shrub is so delicious! It’s possible that you’ve never heard of a cocktail shrub or drinking vinegars if you’re not an expert or aspiring mixologist. A shrub or vinegar cordial, however, is a perfect way to satisfy any type of “drinker” that may come up to the party as more and more guests seek variety in drink options, whether it be in taste complexity or something non-alcoholic.

Shrubs are not a new trend, they actually have great historical significance! In fact, they’ve existed since the Colonial era’s pre-refrigeration days. The fruit was traditionally preserved in vinegar, combined with sugar or honey to make a juice or cordial, and then combined with water or alcohol to make a simple drink or cocktail.

At Wicked Bess, our shrubs are carefully crafted to enhance the depth and complexity of your drinks by fusing tart, savory, and sweet flavors. Beer, sparkling wine, and spirits go nicely with shrub syrups. Non-alcoholic drinkers frequently pair them with sparkling or soda water. 

If you’re stuck in a rut of always drinking the same thing, or spending too much money on expensive cocktails in bars, our shrubs are the perfect solution! So give it a go, it’s simple and effortless. Your tastebuds will thank you!


How To Make A Spicy Margarita At Home

how to make a margarita with a kick

It’s easy to see why the classic Margarita is popular worldwide! Its ideal sweet and sour balance provides for easy and delectable drinking. A beautiful concoction of tequila, agave and orange liqueur takes everyone’s taste buds to a new level, one sip at a time! But, how can you make a margarita at home? Let’s get into it!

Who Was The Margarita Named After?

In December 1953, the world first learned about the Margarita, one of the most popular cocktails in the world and the icon beverage that has transformed tequila from a little-known Mexican novelty into a staple of every bar!

By 1955-1960’s the cocktail was almost everywhere. The Margarita is no exception to the rule that whenever a cocktail becomes popular, people start to speculate as to who originally developed the recipe and when it was first made. The simple truth is that cocktails are rarely made in the entire context of history. A bartender comes up with a nice little concept, mixes it up, and tries it out on a few customers. It gradually spreads from bar to bar and town to town, gaining popularity. In this cocktail’s case, apparently, it was invented by a bartender called Johnny Durlesser. Johnny was asked to recreate a beverage a female client had previously tasted in Mexico. Her name was Margaret, so he named the drink after her! 

how to make a margarita with a kick

Margarita Recipe(s) – Classic + Wicked

Now that you know some interesting facts about the classic Margarita, let’s check out a great Margarita recipe. There are so many variations to this recipe, which is another great thing about this cocktail – its versatility caters to a wide range of cocktail tastes! However, this one is a personal favorite:


Salt rim or not

1.5 oz Tequila

0.5 oz orange liqueur

1 oz lime (effectively 1 whole lime juiced)

0.5 oz agave


Mix all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with cubed ice.

Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass (with salt around the rim, if desired) or a rocks glass.

This recipe can easily be created at home, whether you want to wow your dinner guests, or sip on a delicious cocktail while you read a book, you’ll truly feel like you’re on holiday.

And if you want to take it up a notch, then you must give this wicked spicy Margarita recipe a go! It’s the perfect kick and twist for your palate. It is fantastic with a Tajín rim (mix salt with Tajín seasoning).


Ingredients + Method: 

2 oz tequila

1 oz pineapple mandarin lime habanero shrub

¼ lime wedge squeezed in

Build right in the glass


Top with 2 oz of soda water

A cocktail’s sweet and sour components must be in harmony for it to be truly wonderful. A shrub boasts both tastes and is sometimes referred to as drinking vinegar in its non-alcoholic form. Cocktail shrubs are an acidic syrup made from water, fruit (and occasionally other botanicals), sugar, and vinegar. When incorporated into a cocktail, shrubs give depth and complexity. However, a shrub can be difficult to create in a recipe.

So why risk it? How to make a Margarita couldn’t be easier. Take your cocktail game to another level with our ready-made deliciously crafted shrubs. You’ll be yearning for more after every sip.